WTF FRIDAYS! Enjoy the taste of Pony Chow.

wtf2Welcome to this second installment of WTF Fridays!

Before I introduce this week’s ripe slice of hell, I need to share a moment from my youth. You see, back in the 90’s I was one of “those” kids. You know, the ones with spiky hair who wore all black and listened to challenging genres of music. Yeah, that was my scene. And I recall one Sunday night back then when a group of us freaks of us broke into a mausoleum. And by that, I mean, walked through the door the guards never bothered to lock. Once inside, we didn’t actually do much of anything. Just hung out and listened to tapes, mostly. I do recall there being cloves cigarettes and cheap LSD available…no, I did not partake of either.  Anyway, at one point, the topic of, “What do you think our kids will be like when we all have ‘em?” came up.

Well, today’s WTF Friday! more than answers that question. Ladies and gentleman, I am proud to present, “Pony Chow.” Lovingly rendered by 19-year-old college student, Aisu-Isme, this young visionary offers a taste of what would happen if Clive Barker were allowed to direct an episode of My Little Pony.

I’ll admit it. I’d watch this if Cartoon Network aired it as a weekly series.

So what exactly is being portrayed here? Well, according to the artist…

“Fluttershy wants to punish Pinkamina for killing other ponies so she’s cutting her up into food for her animal friends.”

For the record, as much as I’d like to take credit for this bit of sickness, I did NOT make that up. In fact, if you visit Aisu-Isme’s Deviant Art gallery you’ll be treated to all manner of twisted brilliance, such as this Alfred Hitchcock inspired piece of Pony fan art: [LINK], and this strangely effective environmental statement: [LINK].


Say hello to the artist!

BUT WAIT! There’s more! You think this shit is warped? Well take a good look at the artist. It only ups the creepy factor by ten.

So thinking back to that late night in the mausoleum and the curious question of, “What’ll the children of Gen X be like?” Well, take a good look, friends. There it is! And from where I’m sitting, I’d say we’re doing a damn fine job. So in closing, visit Aisu-Isme’s gallery at Deviant Art, and remind your kids to let their freak flags fly.

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