wtfWTF FRIDAYS! We stand for love! And justice!

Sometimes I’ll come across an art piece so weird, so beautifully wrong, so out of left field I find myself asking, “Dear god, why?!” Of course, the answer is because some sick puppy out there said, “Why the fuck not?” Today’s WTF Friday is brilliant in its warped simplicity…

Take Japan’s beloved magical girl anime genre! Mix it with the world’s most reviled fascist dictator! Put them together and you’ve got Hitler as you’ve never seen him before! Why the fuck not?


This fresh slice of hell is the brainchild of Deviant Artist, Humon. Hailing from Denmark, Ms. Humon is a cartoonist who enjoys tackling sexual and gay themes in her work. And as you’ll see, she also has a real fetish for throwing concepts of national identity into the mix. For instance, there’s this piece she did about international “relations.” Too gay for you? Okay, how about this feminist statement, called, “The Strap-On of Women’s Rights”? So, yeah, drawing a submissive, cross-dressing Hitler really isn’t all that usual for this young artist.

But wait! There’s more! Humon also has a book that explores the mating habits of different species. Entitled Animal Lives, you can learn all about stuff the Crocodile Hunter never dared mention. Ever wonder how seahorses get it on? Read the book! How about kiwi birds? Why are they into inflation fetish? It’s in the book! You can find out more here.

And to see more of Humon art, visit her gallery on Deviant Art.

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