wtfWTF FRIDAYS! Where mein Führer ist ein pony!

So today I am proposing we add a new “rule” to the internet zeitgeist. We have endless “rules” for cataloging the landscape of online porn. We have Godwin’s Law regarding the mentioning of Hitler in discussion threads. Well, I’d like to add the following:

Rule 145: Anything can and eventually will have Hitler merged with it.

Remember when I said I try to limit the number of sex/perversion themed WTF FRIDAYS!? I’m discovering I may need to apply the same standard to Hitler-crossover related art. I mean, sheer volume of this stuff I’m finding is staggering! So on that note, I bring you this gem of Rule 145 artwork: Pony Hitler’s Downfall!


As his dreams of world conquest crumble around him, Pony Hitler ends it all.

What I love about this piece is the detail—the pink Nazi pony weeping as he razor blades himself, the rainbow blasting out the back of Pony Hitler’s head, Eva Pony’s SS print panties. Genius. Pure genius. Not since Picasso’s Guernica has an artist been able to capture the horrors of war and pony slaughter.

The sick mind behind this piece is Curt Sibling, a professional cartoonist from the UK. And let me tell you, this man has a talent for vile cuteness gone apocalyptically wrong. With a style that falls somewhere between R. Crumb and Archie’s Comics, Sibling’s art portrays a gonzo world of the depraved, the bizarre, and the batshit insane. And yeah, he REALLY likes My Little Pony…or maybe he hates it. It’s hard to tell.

You can visit Curt Sibling’s gallery on Deviant Art here. And follow his blog here…apparently he does comic, too.

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