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When it comes to WTF Fridays, I try to keep the weird sex stuff to a minimum. It’s not for any prudish reasons, mind you. Nah, it’s just too easy. There’s so much Rule #36 stuff floating around the net now days, most of it has lost its punch. Then I found out about Dragons-Fucking-Cars fetish. Yes. You read that correctly. Dragons. Fucking. Cars. There is a whole community of people out there who like to rub one out to images of scaly winged beasts ramming their meaty poles into sleek modern autos.

You can’t make this shit up.


Nightstalker gets what he wants!

Today’s image comes to us from someone calling himself Ivan Stroganov. What can I tell you about him? Well aside from enjoying dragons engaged in “auto-erotica,” not much. His Deviant Art account is a blank slate. No bio, no journal entries, nothing. In fact I can’t even recommend you visit Ivan’s gallery since “Dragon Fucking A Volvo” is the only image to appear in it.

But at least Ivan is not alone in his fetish. There are whole web communities devoted to this stuff. A quick search on Google will turn-up all sorts of bizarre images, such a…


“Until all are one?”

Or this truly impressive CGI animation of reptilian/Volkswagon passion.



So remember, friends, be mindful of where you park in Middle Earth. You might return to a back seat full of…you know what? Never mind.

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