wtfWTF FRIDAYS!  Where it hurts the more you look at it.

You know, I could write something witty here. I could try to be clever, but fuck it. I’m just going to be blunt…

Can anyone tell me what the fuck this thing is?!

It’s got rubber tits, a square jaw, and muscles like a balloon animal gone wrong. Is this a steroid addicted plastic surgery disaster? A transsexual space alien hooker? Or just a crime against anatomy? I can’t tell. And those lip! Those lips are like… hell, why am I even trying? There is nothing I can say about this image that it hasn’t already done to itself a thousand times worse.


The more I look at this, the more it hurts.

To today’s WTF FRIDAYS entry comes to you from Michael Emlet, an artist and animator with a knack for creating pin-ups that hurt the more you look at them. Don’t believe me? Check out his rendition of Tomb Raider’s ever bulbous Lara Croft. Or this sweaty fleshpot, and by fleshpot, I mean this woman really does look like a mound of flesh that just climbed out of a pot of genetic fluids.

Want more? Visit Michael Emlet’s gallery on Deviant Art where he goes by the moniker of Squeegeedude.

Bring eye bleach.


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