WTF FRIDAYS! A whole fruit basket of wrong.

wtfWTF FRIDAYS! Don’t ask why. Just accept that it is.

Fetishism, now there’s a word to conquer with! We all have fetishes. Leather fetish. Bear fetish. Tickle fetish. Or just run of the mill BDSM. Fetishes make life fun. But sometimes…sometimes…a mass conglomeration of fetishism can collide in the mind in of one very warped individual to produce a whole fruit basket of wrong.

ENTER THE DRAGON! And a leather bear… And hot oil… And a pleasure dungeon… And an enormous lizard boner… And goats vigorously foot licking… And… and… What the fuck is this?!?!?! And why does it exist?!


How’s this for a foot up your wow hole?

Why? Because someone had a one hundred car pile-up on the interstate of kink, that’s why. And that someone is Matthew Campbell. What can I say about Matthew that his art doesn’t??? Well, nothing really. I mean, seriously, this guy gets a woody thinking about Lord Hungus the dragon man getting tickle-tortured by leather Pedo Bear and the Billy Goat Twins. On the other hand if you want to see anthros  getting tickled until they wizz themselves, he’s got a whole gallery of this stuff on Deviant Art, where he goes by the name dlpeattie.

Me? I think Matthew and his fetishes are the result of him getting his first boner while watching a very special episode of Thunder Cats.

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