“What if Doctor Strangelove created Godzilla?”

World War Kaiju is the story of an alternate history, one in which the atom bomb was never created and the ultimate weapon of mass destruction is the kaiju—fifty foot tall radioactive beasts spawned from the mysterious KAI-235 isotope. Follow the journey of one journalist as he teams up with a retired CIA operative to uncover the truth about the conspiracy behind the monsters and the men who plan to use them to dominate the world.

I created World War Kaiju as a tribute to the kaiju genre in all its forms (both high and low). It is a love letter to the golden-age of kaiju cinema. It looks back to an era when the world loved atomic monsters, but feared the atomic bomb, and warps history in ways that only men in rubber suits can.

choas_tall_whiteI NEED YOUR HELP
World War Kaiju is currently seeking support on Kickstarter. The campaign will be running from June to August. The project needs a total of $15,000 to complete production of the art, and then print the book at the best quality possible. Our ultimate goal is to supply fans with a 200+ page hardcover edition of book one.

Visit the Kickstater here.

For World War Kaiju I teamed up with artist PATRICK McEVOY. He is one of your favorite artists. Seriously. You may not recognize the name, but you know his art. McEvoy has spent the better part of a decade illustrating some of the most loved and memorable art to come out of the H.P. Lovecraft mythos. Card games, novels, posters, t-shirts—you’ve seen and probably own at least one piece of McEvoy’s art. He’s best known for his work on Arkham Horror, Call of Cthulhu, and oh yeah…a little known title called Game of Thrones.

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To read the first 17 pages of the book visit:

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