Think cartoons today are edgy and twisted? This 1935 cartoon short, called “Balloon Land,” is probably one of the most perverse bits of animation ever put to film. Within the first five seconds this colorful gem offers no less than NINE subliminal penises! Then proceeds to make references to male-on-male rape, jizz, and a host of other bodily fluids… oh yeah, and just like today, the black guy is the first to die. But looking past all that, what sticks with me is how magnificently insane this whole thing is—like what you’d expect from Walt Disney if ol’ Walt was to pound a speedball, some XTC, and ass loads of peyote.

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Dr. Finney is an author and sometimes artist. His titles include: Titanium Rain, Utopiates, and OBJECTIVE: Terminus. All are currently available at Amazon.com.
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