UTP_160x600_DCBSDCBService.com is offering a special deal to all shoppers who order my UTOPIATES graphic novel. For the month of May DCBService.com is selling the book for $5 off the cover price. With your order you will also received a limited art print and sticker.

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“Comics is a stormy, dangerous coastline, shallow and sharp, but UTOPIATES stands like a lighthouse guiding you to the safe harbor where  smart, intense comics still exist” -Phil Hester

“…absolutely riveting.” -The Huffington Post

“UTOPIATES #1 is a fantastic cross of all the best alternate reality elements of THE MATRIX and the near- future noir aspects of BLADE RUNNER. Josh Finney and Kat Rocha do a fine job of capturing modern society’s growing addiction to artificial gratification in this gritty and disturbing tale. A great debut issue… I’m definitely looking forward to more.” -Tom Waltz (Children of the Grave, 30 Days of Night)

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wtfWTF FRIDAYS! Where we bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “pole position.”

When it comes to WTF Fridays, I try to keep the weird sex stuff to a minimum. It’s not for any prudish reasons, mind you. Nah, it’s just too easy. There’s so much Rule #36 stuff floating around the net now days, most of it has lost its punch. Then I found out about Dragons-Fucking-Cars fetish. Yes. You read that correctly. Dragons. Fucking. Cars. There is a whole community of people out there who like to rub one out to images of scaly winged beasts ramming their meaty poles into sleek modern autos.

You can’t make this shit up.


Nightstalker gets what he wants!

Today’s image comes to us from someone calling himself Ivan Stroganov. What can I tell you about him? Well aside from enjoying dragons engaged in “auto-erotica,” not much. His Deviant Art account is a blank slate. No bio, no journal entries, nothing. In fact I can’t even recommend you visit Ivan’s gallery since “Dragon Fucking A Volvo” is the only image to appear in it.

But at least Ivan is not alone in his fetish. There are whole web communities devoted to this stuff. A quick search on Google will turn-up all sorts of bizarre images, such a…


“Until all are one?”

Or this truly impressive CGI animation of reptilian/Volkswagon passion.



So remember, friends, be mindful of where you park in Middle Earth. You might return to a back seat full of…you know what? Never mind.

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a_preyThe above headline reads like many of the headlines we’re seeing in the news nowadays. The difference is, for me, this time the pastor who did something stupid and cruel in the name of God is a person I grew up with—a first cousin, to be exact. His name is Andrew Lemus. He is a pastor at the Church of Christ in Norco, California. Recently, this cousin of mine gave a funeral for a Christian man who struggled most of his life as a closeted gay. My cousin Andrew knew this when he agreed to preside over this funeral. Yet, afterward, Andrew posted the following to his Facebook account:

“I am coming out of the closet. I am sad, upset, and concerned that many celebrate the sin of homosexuality. I won’t applaud ungodly actions that are physically and spiritually destructive.”

My cousin is a bigot. There is no other way to look at it. Sure, he justifies his hate on the basis of “it’s what God wants.” But the God he follows also demands death for speaking ill of your own father. By that logic, Andrew should’ve been executed many times over.

The beautiful thing is, views are changing. I doubt ten years ago Andrew’s behavior would’ve so much as generated a sliver of public outcry. But for the last few days my cousin’s Facebook page has been flooded with negative comments from friends, parishioners, and even a few family members. This is how change happens. When each and everyone of us decides to deal with the bigotry in our lives.

Which brings me to now.

Because I refuse to turn a blind eye to my cousin’s ugliness I am being pressured by family to shut-up. Supposedly my actions are causing too much discord within the Lemus clan. I disagree. Andrew lit this fire when he chose to go public with his ignorance and hate. Any decent human being would do what I am, which is speaking up, speaking out, and refusing to accept the bigot in my own backyard.

I recall years ago I once told my mother about a teacher who’d been using class time to disparage Catholics. My mother, a lifelong Catholic, was at the school the very next day demanding this man be fired. When Gov. Pete Wilson attempted to pass racist immigrant laws my mother spent long nights organization public opposition. Clearly, this is a woman who is not afraid to take a stand. So why is it when our own family is the problem, standing up to hate is off limits? And what does turning a blind eye to intolerance communicate to the gay members of our family? It says keeping the peace is more important than their right to be treated as human beings. Would my family be just as silent if Andrew openly expressed his God’s views on rape? Or even slavery? The Old Testament God is pretty okay with rape and slavery. How about Jews? My sister and brother are both married to “Christ killers.” Would my family speak up if that were the issue?

Turning a blind eye, especially when it comes to family,  is how hate lives on and is allowed to breed. If we are going to overcome the big issues facing this nation, we first need to address them at home.

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wtfWTF FRIDAYS! We stand for love! And justice!

Sometimes I’ll come across an art piece so weird, so beautifully wrong, so out of left field I find myself asking, “Dear god, why?!” Of course, the answer is because some sick puppy out there said, “Why the fuck not?” Today’s WTF Friday is brilliant in its warped simplicity…

Take Japan’s beloved magical girl anime genre! Mix it with the world’s most reviled fascist dictator! Put them together and you’ve got Hitler as you’ve never seen him before! Why the fuck not?


This fresh slice of hell is the brainchild of Deviant Artist, Humon. Hailing from Denmark, Ms. Humon is a cartoonist who enjoys tackling sexual and gay themes in her work. And as you’ll see, she also has a real fetish for throwing concepts of national identity into the mix. For instance, there’s this piece she did about international “relations.” Too gay for you? Okay, how about this feminist statement, called, “The Strap-On of Women’s Rights”? So, yeah, drawing a submissive, cross-dressing Hitler really isn’t all that usual for this young artist.

But wait! There’s more! Humon also has a book that explores the mating habits of different species. Entitled Animal Lives, you can learn all about stuff the Crocodile Hunter never dared mention. Ever wonder how seahorses get it on? Read the book! How about kiwi birds? Why are they into inflation fetish? It’s in the book! You can find out more here.

And to see more of Humon art, visit her gallery on Deviant Art.

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