logoThis weekend I will be at the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, signing books and being my utterly charming self at the 01Publishing booth (Table O-21). They will be selling copies of my books Utopiates and Titanium Rain, along with the Titanium Rain audio drama. Also availabe will be a full selection of my art prints. But, if my presence is not enough to draw you to 01Publishing booth like a jackle in heat, here’s a few other reasons to stop by…

  • Kat Rocha – co-creator of Titanium Rain and Utopiates will be available for signings.
  • Michael Colbert – Creator of Crazy Mary and Car Commercials Have The Best Music is available to meet and greet.
  • Art prints by Kat Rocha, Patrick McEvoy, JK Woodward.
  • See preview copies of Crazy Mary.
  • At noon we’ll be hosting a dwarf tossing event.
  • Free sarcasm for the first 20 visitors.

Now that Kat & I are moved into the new condo, progress has once again resumed on a number of projects that had lost momentum due to life (read: housing issues). The first installment of WORLD WAR KAIJU is moving ahead at full stream with only 14 pages left before completion! Here’s a rather nice page I got in my email today from project artist Patrick McEvoy


My upcoming novella about a second American civil war, called Objective: TERMINUS, is roughly 2/3 finished and is hovering at a word count around 25,000. I plan to share Chapter 1 free on here in a month or so. Then the book goes live on both the Kindle & iPad. In the meantime, here’s a glimpse at the unfinished cover art, by Salvador Trakal

More cool news coming soon.

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Dr. Finney is an author and sometimes artist. His titles include: Titanium Rain, Utopiates, and OBJECTIVE: Terminus. All are currently available at
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