Those who have been following me for any length of time know I have a personal vendetta against stupidity. Especially against morons who smear their shit across the hallowed walls of science. Well, today I found a real gem…

I’m not even going to bother getting into everything scientifically wrong with the claims made by this video, but I will say this: If your argument can be disproved by simply gazing up into the night sky, you suck as a huckster. On the other hand, I’m pretty certain the video makers aren’t con artists. What we’re seeing here is a magnificent combination of crazy and stupid.

Seriously, this is what would happen if astronomy lectures were given by bathtub meth cookers. “Mur-cur-eee iz a very important planet! It says in da Bible! Jist look! And da government don’t wancha ta know.” It also doesn’t help that they then go into astrology and start talking about how Mercury is going to affect your ability to speak and move your limbs.

creationistsSure. We can all laugh. I did. But there is an impact to this kind of dumbfuckery. This is the EXACT same kind of garbage the History Channel is passing off as “fact.” Likewise, Kirk Cameron’s Godlike Productions covered this “Mercury is out of Orbit” bullshit as actual news. Godlike Productions??? Sure, you may not have heard of them, but they are a major player in the movement to force schools to teach Creationism. Yeah. Those fuckheads.

In short, widespread stupidity does have its costs. I for one am tired of having to pay the price.

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