Inframan_GoldenSwallow_SC36The year was 1976.
China was looking towards the future. Soon they would be an emerging power and everyone knew it. But to get ahead, China would first need to build the same critical foundation which all great Empires are founded upon: A winning superhero franchise!

And thus, INFRAMAN was born!
The nuclear powered hero that is “…six million light years beyond believability!”

Sure, this may look like a cheap ULTRAMAN rip-off, and well, it is. But it’s also so much more! Because when Hong Kong is threatened by rubber suited Ice Age mutants lead by the evil dominatrix, Princess Dragon Mom, only science can save the day! Six Million Dollar Man style! Yes, by way of springs, wires and a whole lotta Christmas tree lights, one man is transformed into a bionic superman!

The evil Princess Dragon Mom, would-be vanquisher of Earth.

Yes, the INFRAMAN! A hero who looks like a robot bug wearing a motorcycle helmet! Oh, and check out the stylish wrestling belt! His powers? Well, from what I can tell, he can jump around a lot and can shoot lasers from…well, the effects aren’t too clear on that part. But trust me. He shoots lasers. Although, it requires Inframan to perform all manner of fruity dance moves…sorta like kung-fu jazz hands. He also has a habit of blowing shit up at random for no reason. Did I mention he jumps around a lot?

Don’t get me wrong. I actually enjoy this film. In a bizarre way Inframan is something of a milestone in Hong Kong cinema, an industry that has since evolved into the innovative dream factory it is today. Inframan shows us  Hong Kong’s humble first steps into genres outside the scope kung-fu action and period pieces, which at the time dominated Eastern film making.


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