Author and sometimes artist, Josh Finney follows in the fine tradition of sci-fi novelists in that he’s a prickly, opinionated son-of-a-bitch who will tell you exactly what’s on his mind. Fortunately for Josh, he can also write well, which seems to afford people like him a certain amount of leeway. He currently has two graphic novels on the shelf: a sci-fi war epic entitled TITANIUM RAIN, and a biotech noir tale, UTOPIATES. He also has several short stories in print and is in the process of completing his first prose novel. His most notible art jobs include a Batman title, a Robert Jordan book cover, and concept art for Star Trek: Enterprise.

He also drinks too much coffee, obsesses over his music collection, and denies that his first sexual experience involved an alien abduction. On his driver’s licenses the letters PhD. appear after his name, although he refuses to talk about it.

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