World War Kaiju

WWK is the story of an alternate 20th century, where instead of the nuclear bomb, the great super weapon invented in World War II was the Giant Monster – The Kaiju! Now, 25 years later, every major country has its own arsenal of marauding monsters. Learn about the United States’ Kaiju attack on Hiroshima, the Cuban Monster Crisis, and the rest of the story of the Kaiju Cold War. It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s action-packed and it’s certainly unique.

World War Kaiju, Volumn 1
Genre: Alternate History / Satire
Created & Co-Written by Josh Finney
Co-Written by Mike Colbert
Art & Cover Art by Patrick McEvoy
Graphic Design & Additional Art by Josh Finney
Additional Character Design & Editing by Kat Rocha

01 Publishing, TBA
Graphic Novel

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