Or: Josh offends a bunch of people…again.


The Woodstock Revolution. Proof that if you give privileged, white, middle-class kids free music and drugs they’ll be nice to each other for a few days.

So a new meme has been floating around the “progressive” corners of the internet. Its message? “If we must go back in time… Let’s follow the hippies back to the 1960’s!!

This is what I call a steaming load of hippy bullshit.

One of the best things to happen to the progressive left in recent years is a growing rejection of the Love Generation and their self-aggrandizing mythology of the 1960s. Sure, these aging hippies may see themselves as pioneers, revolutionaries, and now mentors to the younger generation, but the truth is for most of Gen X these people have been a bloated, loudmouthed, albatross around our necks. We are Gen X. We have our own identity and we sure as hell DO NOT need to revive their failed revolutionary politics of the 1960s. Every time I hear one of these old hippies waxing poetic about the 1960s, all I see is another self-obsessed navel-gazer who has been asleep at the wheel for the last forty years, too busy slapping Green Peace stickers on their SUV to notice their lifestyle has raped my future blind. Seriously, what the hell has the Love Generation achieved since 1969? Most of these freaks grew up to spend their formidable years as closet Reganites who cashed-in on the very system they claimed to abhor, all the awhile leaving their latch-key kids to fend for themselves.

So here we are in the second decade of the new millennium and the progressive left has seen a revival. The reason? The Love Generation is getting old, finally getting out of the way. Gen X is coming into its own. We are the generation of Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart, Bill Gates and Elon Musk. We are the generation of President Barack Obama. Yeah. He’s one of us. And in many ways he’s an archetypical Gen Xer—a latchkey kid from a failed marriage, raised by his grandmother because his parents were “too busy” with their own lives. Obama is a geek. He likes sci-fi and video games, listens to hip-hop and is computer savvy. And like most of Gen-Xers, he made his own way because mom and dad sure as hell weren’t around.

So let me make this clear to you aging hippies out there: Stop forcing your unwashed, anti-intellectual, Luddite, reactionary past on my generation. You guys are just as much to blame for America’s failures over the last forty years as the conservatives. You are not mentors, you are not guides, you are not the wise sage showing us the path. Wake up and accept your children have grown and it is far too late now to try and raise them now.

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