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Faith can mean a great many things to a great many of people. For some, faith is a belief in life after death. For others, faith is a belief in our fellow man. And then there are those whose faith involves a clone-Jesus being surrounded by Ring-Wraiths while standing under the glow of a flying saucer. Wait? Who the fuck believes that??

Meet Sarahi Remolina! Artist, vegan, and self-described animal lover, Ms. Remolina is a Seventh Day Adventist who has a real hard-on for the Apocalypse; which apparently for her involves an alien invasion…or something. It’s not entirely clear. Entitled, “The Universal False Christ,” the art piece below appears in her Deviant Art gallery along with a lengthy description about the true Christ descending from the sky and not to trust…umm…fuck, I dunno…the thing was about a thousand words long and damn near incoherent. Regardless, you’ve got to admire Ms. Remolina’s art for its sheer contempt for reality. It’s like she’s announcing, “I believe this crazy shit, and I don’t even care what looks people give me when I say the Anti-Christ is a clone created by the gay-atheist world government.”


Seriously, though, is this any nuttier than what Moroms believe?

Going by the name ForestHymn on Deviant Art, Ms. Remolina’s gallery there is a cornucopia of apocalyptic fever dreams. See! “Behold — I Come Quickly” which features a caped Super Jesus blazing in the sky with a sickle in hand, ready to dispense holy justice! Or “Mark of the Beast,” a stunning photo of sea shells that depicts…uh…wait. Huh? Whatever. So maybe End Times lunacuy isn’t your thing, how about some of that wacky Creationism with”Adonai’s Dragons.” And before you ask, yes. That is an angel carrying a baby dinosaur.



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