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Merrily Duffy, creator of the cuttingly honest series “Poseur Patrol”, has just posted a review of UTOPIATES Vol. 1 over at her website… “Utopiates” harkens back to film noir in it’s lighting of the characters against an almost entirely black … Continue reading

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The Facts Behind Bio-Terrorism.

While the news is busy scaring the hell out of you, I thought I’d do my part to fight the spread of stupidity and give you the facts… Ricin is a highly toxic, naturally occurring protein. A dose as small … Continue reading

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WTF FRIDAYS! Gaze into the abyss of GWOP!

WTF FRIDAYS! The horror… The horror… Hello. Glad you could join me for another WTF Friday. Today’s twisted find from Deviant Art reminds me of something famed schizophrenic and professional killjoy Friedrich Nietzsche once said: “…when you gaze long into … Continue reading

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OR: How you too can be a “professional” monster hunter.

Bigfoot. The Loch Ness Monster. The infamous Chupacabra. You may call them bullshit, but there is a whole community of “experts” out there who call them science! Specifically, a little known branch of the life sciences called cryptozoology! Coined in … Continue reading

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