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How to promote your graphic novel: Part 2.
The Comics Press & The Art of the Press Release.

So you’ve done the hard work. You’ve labored for months, sweating and toiling over your graphic novel and now it’s the masterpiece you knew it would be. Excellent! Now it’s time to find your audience. There is no one single … Continue reading

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A Bet With The Mind…
A few words about why I wrote Utopiates.

What year does this story take place? That’s usually the first question I’m asked after someone reads Utopiates. Everyone wants to know just when these stories are happening. Ten years from now? Twenty? I suppose the appropriate answer is now, … Continue reading

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Come see me at ComiKaze Expo!

The regularly scheduled Friday rant has been delayed for the following public service announcement… Come SEE Josh Finney at the LA Convention Center this weekend! Yes this weekend at ComiKaze Expo, the only comics convention sponsored by Stan Lee and … Continue reading

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Never Mind The Bollocks…
Or: How Spec-Lit Fucked Up A Perfectly Good Word.

Punk. Punk rock. Punk ‘til you puke! As a youth revolution punk was a solid fist full of fuck you! An angry, ugly, straight razor attack on the bloated excess of 1970’s pop culture. There was punk rock music from … Continue reading

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